I'm Elizabeth.
I design user experiences.

And I make stuff...



Me, that's who. I live in Texas. There's a star of Texas (^ just like that ^) every 5 feet here. It's pretty awesome.
Also awesome is working with teams to create wonderful user experiences...and creating art, participating in artistic collaboration, and fixing antique cars.



Love. I love it. I want to understand things, so I get curious. Then I want to make things better and solve the problems. It's essentially the same whether I'm working with a team making products/websites fantastic for users or working on my own making art, or working with scientists making "new things" (yup, I've worked with scientists a couple times now.)



Solutions. That's what. If you have a clear goal and sound requirements I'll create a solution. Or I will research the heck out of what we're working on and boil things down to a point where we can all agree on what actually needs solving. Then solve it. All of it's work, but all of it's fun, like rowing. (Rowing is fun, right?)

My Art

I take art very seriously. I've moved my paintings to another page so they have some elbow room.

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UX Design

I solve problems

I have a decade’s worth of experience consulting for businesses from financial to marketing, video game to biometric to social media to medical, government and others.

My goal is to make people feel comfortable and confident using the products I design. I'm a hostess at heart. This is a good thing. Complication doesn't scare me; it impassions me. I know there is a solution where convolution is excised, intricacy for business purposes is preserved, but also EASE for users is introduced.

Yep, I have a deep seated passion for UXD work.

Contact me

I'm always interested in learning about new things including opportunities to work with interesting people solving big problems. (Or big people solving interesting problems works too.)

Email: elizabeth@elizabethlatta.com


User Experience Design

Information Architecture

B2B & Enterprise




Interaction Design


Visual Design

People’s behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs, and motives.

- Thomas Mann


I took the Clifton StrengthsFinder Test.
They told me my top five strengths. I've listed four here. The fifth is Positivism...I thought I'd let you use your imagination with that one.


Elizabeth ventures beyond the commonplace, the familiar, or the obvious. Using innovative, inventive, original and resourceful thoughts she entertains ideas about the best ways to reach a goal, increase productivity, or solve a problem. First, Elizabeth thinks of alternatives. Then she chooses the best option.


By nature, Elizabeth derives pleasure from making discoveries and designing innovations. Periodically her thoughts churn out new and inventive ways of reaching desired goals. She tries hard to contribute many innovative ideas during brainstorming sessions.


Exchanging ideas, concepts, or theories with individuals exhilarates Elizabeth. She makes great strides mentally when she has opportunities to exchange ideas, theories, or concepts with new people. She delights in accumulating unusual insights.


When something has to be completed, Elizabeth is eager to acquire the necessary knowledge or skills to meet the challenge. She enjoys studying the linkages between final outcomes and the factors leading up to them. As a result, she works to identify enhancements that need making wherever that may be.

Project with Stephen Wolfram

The Summer of 2011 I attended the Wolfram Science residency. We each had independent projects conceived of in collaboration with Stephen Wolfram and developed with help from his (awesome) staff.
"A unique opportunity to do original research at the frontiers of science..."

Recodifying Shakespeare's The Tempest

My project was to to recodify Shakespeare's The Tempest.
This new arrangement follows each character through his/her/its own pattern of action individually. The newly arrived-at codification is a directed acyclic graph.
This research allowed an algorithm to be devised that will codify all of Shakespeare's plays into this new character-centric form.

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